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Bonde stainless steel ball valves exported to Burundi

Posted by Bundor valve
The client is a trading company in Burundi, mainly purchasing related supporting equipment for some local engineering projects.
They have a local customer who needs to use the stainless steel ball valve products in the engineering project.Hope the trading company can help them purchase the products with high cost performance and timely delivery.

The trading company would like to find a reliable valve manufacturer through the Internet, from the manufacturer to purchase customers need stainless steel ball valve products, found the Bundor Valve.
When communicating with the trading company, in order to dispel his doubts, the foreign trade staff of Bundor showed him the factory workshop and marketing center of Bundor through live video, and sent him various certificates of qualification, which impressed the trading company deeply.
In the end, the trading company from burundi purchased stainless steel screw ball valves and stainless steel flange ball valves from Bundor. After receiving the goods, the customer expressed his satisfaction.