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Bundor soft seat butterfly valves exported to South Africa.

Posted by Bundor valve

Project Name: A South African trading company imports the butterfly valve products of soft seat

Customer Name: A South African trading company

Buy Valves: DN500 soft seat butterfly valves

Customer Requirement: To supply their own customers

Case Details: The customer is a South African trading and engineering company that provides valves and associated products to its local customers.

Bundor soft seat butterfly valves exported to South Africa

China is a big producer of valves with good quality and moderate price, so this customer from South Africa often buys valves from China to serve his customers.

A customer of the South African distributor needed several DN500 soft seat butterfly valves. To supply the customer, the South African distributor once again searched the Internet for a high-quality butterfly valve manufacturer in China and found the Bundor Valve.

This South African customer is very straightforward. From the beginning of communication with the sales representative of Bundor Valve to place the order, the customer purchased DN500 soft seat butterfly valve products from Bundor within a few days.

After receiving the valves, the customer feedback that the products are very good, very heavy, very complete painting, this is a good shopping experience, looking forward to working with Bundor Valve again.