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A foreign trade company in China purchased flanged butterfly valves for export

Posted by Bundor valve

Project Name: A foreign trade company in China purchased flanged butterfly valves for export to southeast Asia

Customer Name: A foreign trade company in China

Buy valves: Flange butterfly valve, flange bolts

Customer needs: Exports to southeast Asia

Case Details:
The client is a Chinese foreign trade company, mainly serving customers in southeast Asia.The company has been sourcing butterfly valve products from butterfly valve plants.Since there is no fixed partner factory, the quality of valve products purchased is very unstable, and the after-sales service is very poor, which has brought a lot of negative effects to the company. Some customers in southeast Asia have even stopped cooperating with them. The company has been looking for a factory to establish a long-term and stable cooperative relationship.

bundor valve

The buyer of this foreign trade company has always been in touch with the foreign trade salesman of Bundor, Bundor salesman will give the quotation in time every time of inquiry, the service is warm and professional.After a period of time of contact and investigation, the company believes that Bundor Valve is a reliable butterfly valve manufacturers, then from Bundor purchased a batch of flange butterfly valve products.

flange butterfly valve

At present, all the flange butterfly valves purchased from Bundor have been exported to southeast Asia. The customer feedback that the product quality is very good, and also said that they will maintain long-term cooperation with Bundor!