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Bundor double eccentric butterfly valve exported to Europe

Posted by Bundor valve
Project name: Bundor double eccentric butterfly valve exported to Europe
Customer name: a factory in Europe
Purchase valve: DN1000 double eccentric butterfly valve
Customer requirements: purchase butterfly valves for their own projects

Project content:
The customer is from a European country.He had an engineering project that required the use of some one-meter double-eccentric butterfly valve products.Because the customer himself is a very professional engineer, so for the requirements of the valve is more demanding, on the Internet to find a lot of manufacturers are not satisfied with their own.
After learning about Bundor valves, the customer was attracted by the warm and patient service attitude of Bunfor's foreign trade staff. The two sides had many technical communication, Bundor technicians helped the customer to solve some technical problems, and the customer thought Bundor were especially professional.
In the end, the customer from Europe chose to cooperate with Bundor Valve and purchased a batch of double-eccentric butterfly valve products with diameter DN1000 from Bundor.