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Bundor wide - sided seated butterfly valves

Posted by Bundor valve
 Project name: North American distributor to buy Bundor wide - sided seated butterfly valves
Customer name: A distributor in North America
Purchase valve: Bundor wide - sided seated butterfly valves
Customer requirements: For irrigation projects
Project content:
The first meeting between customer and Bundor was at the 126th Canton fair.This friend from North America came to China Guangdong to attend the Canton fair, want to find their own satisfied valve manufacturer as a fixed product supplier in this international large exhibition.
When the customer after the Bundor exhibition hall.The eye is immediately attracted by the wide - sided seated butterfly valve,the wide side seat design is a novelty to the customer,then the customer entered the exhibition hall and communicated with the staff.Bundor salesman around Bundor products, Bundor factory, Bundor history and other aspects of a full range of detailed introduction.After listening to the explanation, the customer to the Bundor history and products are more recognized.

Not long after the customer returned to North America, the customer decided to cooperate with Bundor. The customer purchased a batch of cast iron butterfly valves from Bundor, including wide - sided seated butterfly valves and worm gear clamp butterfly valves.
The customer thinks the Bundor butterfly valve quality is very good, and the wide - sided seated butterfly valve is more convenient to install than the ordinary hard back butterfly valve, which has outstanding selling point in sales.