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A Chinese company purchased Bundor ductile iron butterfly valves, gate valves and other valves

Posted by Bundor valve
Project name: A company in Shenyang, China purchases Bundor ductile iron butterfly valves, gate valves, filters, etc.
Customer Name: A company in Shenyang, China
Buy valves: ductile iron filters, ductile iron soft seal gate valves, ductile iron rubber flap check valves, ductile iron soft seal butterfly valves, forged steel flanges, etc.
butterfly valves,gate valves
Customer demand: use on air-conditioning plumbing system
Engineering Content:
The customer is a company that manufactures and sells fluid equipment and has its own store. It mainly provides its customers with various valve products and supporting services.
In some fields, the company's valves can not meet the customer's requirements, so they found Bundor Valve, hoping to cooperate with Bundor Valve and purchase Bundor's superior products to supply their customers.
The company's cooperation with Bundor began as early as 2015, and for years the two sides have maintained close cooperation for mutual benefit. The company highly appreciates the Bundor brand products. As long as there is a valve list that needs to be purchased, the first thought is Bundor Valve.
butterfly valves, gate valves
This time, the company wanted to supply valves for its customers' air-conditioning and plumbing systems engineering, and contacted Bundor immediately, and purchased a batch of ductile iron valves from Bundor, including butterfly valves, gate valves, filters, rubber flap check Valves, flanges and other products.
 butterfly valves, gate valves
As an old client of Bundor, the company has always trusted Bundor products and hopes to continue to cooperate happily with Bundor Valve.