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Bundor Wafer Butterfly Valve Procured by a Factory in Indonesia

Posted by Bundor valve
Project Name: Bundor Ductile Iron Butterfly Valve Procured by a Factory in Indonesia
Customer Name: A factory in Indonesia
Buy a valve: 5 inch ductile iron butterfly valve
Customer demand: Use in own factory, better product quality
Engineering Content:
The customer is from Indonesia. He has a local factory engaged in the production of water tanks, and butterfly valves are necessary equipment in his factory.
After communicating with the customer, the staff of the Bundor International Trade Department learned that the customer has very high quality requirements for butterfly valve products. They have positioned their products as high-end products.Therefore, customers value the quality of valves very much, which is why they choose Bundor ductile iron butterfly valve.

The customer has already cooperated with Bundor for three times, and the customer highly appreciates the quality of Bundor butterfly valve products. They believe that Bundor Valve, as a high-quality valve manufacturer, matches their high-end positioning very well. So since the first cooperation, customers have been importing valve products from Bundor.
This is the fourth cooperation between this customer and Bundor. The customer has purchased a batch of ductile iron butterfly valve products from Bundor.