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A West Asia company purchases butterfly valves and gate valves for engineering

Posted by Bundor valve
Project Name: A company in West Asia purchases Bundor products such as butterfly valves and gate valves
Customer name: A trade engineering company in West Asia
Purchase valves: butterfly valves, butterfly check valves, filters, gate valves
Customer needs: used in engineering projects, requiring high quality
butterfly valves,gate valves
Engineering Content:
The customer is from the West Asia and is a local valve company that not only sells valves but also undertakes some engineering projects.
The company is an old customer of Bundor Valve, and has been purchasing valves from Bundor for three consecutive years. The customers are also assured of the quality of Bundor Valve.
This cooperation with Bundor is because the customer needs a batch of valves on his own project, including wafer butterfly valves, butterfly check valves, ductile iron filters, soft seal gate valves, etc., customers value the quality of valve products, so he did not hesitate to choose Bundor.
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The customer reported that he has cooperated with Bundor Valve many times, and he highly recognizes the quality of Bundor products, and the packaging of Bundor products is also very rigorous. Every cooperation is very satisfactory, and he will continue to cooperate with Bundor.