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An African distributor purchases Bundor stainless steel butterfly valves and flanges

Posted by Bundor valve
Project name: African distributors purchase stainless steel butterfly valves and flanges from Bundor
Customer name: A distributor in Africa
Purchase valve: Stainless steel butterfly valves, flanges
Customer needs: Procurement of valves for local customers
Engineering Content:
The distributor is from Africa and is a local valve trading company. It mainly purchases valve products from all over the world and provides them to their local customers. Previously, they have had a pleasant cooperation with Bundor Valve.
This cooperation is the second cooperation between this African distributor and Bundor. The distributor will purchase a batch of stainless steel butterfly valves and flanges for a local customer in Africa. Because the distributor had already cooperated with Bundor once, they were very assured of the product quality of Bundor, so they chose to cooperate with Bundor again, and the second cooperation was logically achieved.
After the distributor's customer received the stainless steel butterfly valves and flanges, he expressed gratitude to Bundor Valve through the distributor. The dealer also said that the Bundor Valve’s products are very good and the delivery time is very timely, and will continue to cooperate with Bundor.