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Bundor ball valves with high platform are used in a water treatment project in Southeast Asia

Posted by Bundor valve
Project name: Bundor ball valve with high platform used in a water treatment project in Southeast Asia
Customer name: Southeast Asian customer
Purchase valve: ball valve with high platform
Customer needs: supporting valves for water treatment equipment

Engineering Content:

The customer comes from a country in Southeast Asia and is engaged in the production of water treatment equipment, and often uses the supporting sales of valves. This time the customer purchased a batch of ball valve with high platform from Bundor.
Customers have very high requirements for valve quality. The first cooperation with Bundor Valve was in 2019. The first pleasant cooperation experience laid a part of the foundation for the subsequent long-term cooperation between the two parties, and the customer has successively cooperated with Bundor more than 5 times afterwards.

Customers who purchase the ball valve with high platform prefer Bundor. The first thing that attracts customers is the high quality of Bundor products. Bundor high-quality valve products are not prone to failure during use and will reduce a lot of unnecessary losses. Secondly, customers highly approve of the attitude of Bundor business staff to actively solve problems.

Therefore, when this Southeast Asian customer needs a batch of ball valve with high platform on water treatment equipment, the first one thought of Bundor and did not hesitate to place an order. After receiving the goods, the customer has given Bundor a good comment as always, and said that he will continue to cooperate with Bundor in the future!