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A customer in Southeast Asia purchases the large diameter rubber soft joint of Bundor

Posted by Bundor valve
Customer name: An engineering company in Southeast Asia

Purchase valve: large diameter rubber soft joint

Customer needs: water treatment project use

Engineering Content:

The customer comes from Southeast Asia. The customer needs to use a batch of large-diameter rubber soft joints in his water treatment project. Because the customer has high requirements for product quality, he has been looking for manufacturers on the Internet that can meet his requirements.

In the process of communicating with the international trade personnel of Bundor Valve, customers have a more comprehensive understanding of Bundor, and the exchanges between the two parties are very pleasant. In order to further understand the Bundor valve, the customer to visit the factory in Bundor, Tianjin, China. The staff of the Bundor factory warmly received the customer and led the visit.

During the inspection, the customer gave a high evaluation to the Bundor production workshop and laboratory, and more trust in the Bundor valve, so he decided to purchase the rubber soft joint he needed from Bundor.

Due to the large diameter of the rubber soft joints required by the customers and the lengths that need to be customized, the two parties conducted many communication on the technical parameters and finally reached a consensus. During the communication process, the customer highly recognized the professionalism of the technical staff and business personnel of Bundor, and assured the order to Bundor Valve with great confidence.

The large-diameter rubber soft joint required by customers were delivered to customers within the delivery period. The customers were very satisfied with the products after inspection and testing. At present, these batches of large-diameter rubber soft joints have been successfully installed in customers' water treatment projects. The customer said that the cooperation with Bundor Valve is a very pleasant experience. If the valve products are needed in the future, they will continue to purchase from Bundor.