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African trading company purchases the lug butterfly valve of Bundor

Posted by Bundor valve
Project Name: Procurement of Bundor Lug Butterfly Valve by a trading company in Africa

Customer name: a trading company in Africa

Purchase valve: DN400 ductile iron lug butterfly valve, DN400 PTFE gasket

Customer needs: used in project engineering

Engineering Content:

The customer is from a country in Africa and is a trading company. Its main business is to provide valve services for mining, chemical plants and other engineering projects.

There are not many manufacturers producing valves in the customer's country. Most domestic valves are imported. China is a large valve production country with many valve manufacturers, and the valve quality is good and the price is low. Therefore, customers want to find valve manufacturers in China for long-term cooperation.

By chance, the customer contacted Bundor Valve from the Internet. Since the customer's order has very high requirements on the quality of the valve, it is necessary to find a reliable valve manufacturer. Through multiple comparisons, Bundor Valve is the valve manufacturer that best meets the various conditions of the customer.

The customer communicated with the staff of the Bundor Valve International Trade Department in detail, including the required valve configuration, factory qualification, production strength, etc. The warm service of the Bundor business staff left a deep impression on the customer, so the customer Decided to cooperate with Bundor.

In the end, the customer purchased DN400 ductile iron lug butterfly valve and DN400 PTFE gasket from Bundor.