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West Asia traders purchase Bundor butterfly valves and check valves

Posted by Bundor valve
Project Name: Bundor Butterfly Valve, Butterfly Check Valve, Muffler Check Valve Purchased by Traders in West Asia

Customer Name: West Asia Trader

Purchase valve: ductile iron butterfly valve, butterfly check valve, muffler check valve

Customer needs: matching use of pumps and valves

Engineering Content:

The customer comes from a country in West Asia. It is a trading company that sells pumps. In order to provide more comprehensive services to its customers, it not only provides customers with pumps, but also helps customers purchase the valve products they need globally.

China is a big valve production country. The customer decided to come to China to find a valve manufacturer for long-term cooperation. They found the Bundor Valve on the Internet. After communicating with the Bundor business staff, they immediately decided to take a look at the Bundor Valve factory to take a look. The production strength of Bundor Valve has a deeper understanding.

After the customer and his party came to the Bundor factory, the Bundor staff warmly entertained them and took them to visit the production area, office area, experimental area, etc. of the Bundor factory. satisfaction.

After returning to China, the customer immediately contacted the business manager of Bundor International Trading Department and purchased the required ductile iron butterfly valve, butterfly check valve, muffler check valve and other products from Bundor.

After receiving the goods and putting them into use, the customer was very satisfied with Bundor's products and immediately placed an order again, purchasing a batch of butterfly valve products from Bundor again.