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African customers purchase the stainless steel butterfly valve and other products of Bundor

Posted by Bundor valve
Project Name: African customers purchase the stainless steel butterfly valve, check valve and other valve products of Bundor

Customer name: An African company

Purchase valve: stainless steel butterfly valve, butterfly check valve, thread ball valve, flange ball valve

Customer needs: the stainless steel valve for the mining industry

Engineering Content:

The customer is a trading company in Africa, mainly undertaking various engineering projects, involving a wide range of industries, mainly mining, chemical plants, oil refineries, etc. Customers have high requirements on the quality of the valve. So far, they have successfully cooperated with Bundor Valve twice.

For the first time they cooperated with Bundor. The customer purchased stainless steel butterfly valve, stainless steel butterfly check valve, stainless steel threaded ball valve, stainless steel flanged ball valve and other valves from Bundor Valve. The quality and delivery time are very satisfactory, which also directly contributed to the second smooth cooperation between the customer and Bundor Valve.

In the second cooperation, the customer purchased a batch of American standard DN80 stainless steel filters from Bundor Valve.

After receiving the goods, the customer stated that the product quality of Bundor Valve is as good as ever, and can fully meet its procurement requirements. Customers will continue to cooperate with Bundor Valve in the future, hoping that both parties can maintain a stable partnership.