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A European customer purchases the ductile iron wafer butterfly valve of Bundor

Posted by Bundor valve
Project name: A European customer purchases the ductile iron wafer butterfly valve of Bundor

Customer name: a customer in Europe

Purchasing valve: Ductile iron wafer butterfly valve

Customer needs: supply customers with their own pneumatic actuators

Engineering Content:

The customer comes from Europe and is a manufacturer of pneumatic actuators. Some projects that customers receive often require pneumatic butterfly valves, so customers need to find a butterfly valve manufacturer to cooperate.

This is already the third cooperation between this client and Bundor. The pneumatic actuators produced and sold by customers belong to the high-end quality. It just so happens that the butterfly valve of Bundor Valve is also positioned at the high-end, which is in line with the customer's pneumatic actuators.

Since the first cooperation, customers have been very satisfied with the quality of Bundor's butterfly valve products. Since then, this European customer has been cooperating with Bundor, and often purchases various butterfly valve products from Bundor.
The customer thinks that the quality of the butterfly valve of Bundor Valve is very good, and the color of the valve body can be customized, which is very humane, and said that they will continue to cooperate with Bundor Valve in the future.