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Southeast Asian traders purchase the worm gear butterfly valve of Bundor

Posted by Bundor valve
Project name: Southeast Asian traders purchase the worm gear butterfly valve of Bundor

Customer Name: Southeast Asian Trader

Buy valve: The worm gear butterfly valve of Bundor

Customer needs: supply for their own engineering customers

Engineering Content:

The customer comes from a country in Southeast Asia and is a valve buyer, mainly providing valves for local engineering users. Customers often purchase valve products from China.

When the customer first contacted Bundor Valve, he did not know the parameters of the worm gear butterfly valve required. This caused some difficulties for Bundor's sales staff. After understanding the situation, Bundor's business staff inquired in detail about the valve operating conditions and media of the customer, helped the customer to select the correct valve, and provided the customer with an accurate quotation.

The customer was very satisfied with the service of Bundor Valve. After communication, the customer finally purchased this batch of worm gear butterfly valves from Bundor Valve.

After the installation of the butterfly valve, the customer reported that the appearance of the butterfly valve of Bundor was very beautiful. The valve was selected by the Bundor staff according to the user's working conditions and fully met the user's requirements. The user was very satisfied.