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Where is the main use of pneumatic butterfly valves?

Posted by Bundor valve

Pneumatic butterfly valve is the valve body of the butterfly valve with a pneumatic actuator, driving the pneumatic butterfly valve switch is compressed air.Where are pneumatic butterfly valves usually used?What does it do?

In general, pneumatic butterfly valves are installed in small diameter pipe, used to control the flow of water, steam, air, mud, oil and a variety of corrosive media and other fluids.

Pneumatic butterfly valve small size and light weight, installation and maintenance are very convenient.

We mentioned above, driven by pneumatic butterfly valve is a compressed air to have high requirements for air quality, so the pneumatic butterfly valve drive also contains all kinds of accessories, such as air filtering pressure reducing valve, pneumatic solenoid valve, locator, etc., the former is the function of filtering impurities and moisture in the air, the latter's role is to control the actuator and off.

pneumatic butterfly valve

Operating principle of pneumatic butterfly valve

By pneumatic butterfly valve positioner, solenoid valve, or other devices, to absorb the air to dry, lubrication, and control them, to deliver the gas to pneumatic actuator cylinder body, and the air compression, pneumatic actuators work become air, when the compressed air inside the cylinder block incoming actuator air chamber, air pressure on the piston, the thrust output shaft rotates to drive the stem and disc rotating at the same time, is complete an opening and closing butterfly valve.

Pneumatic butterfly valve using compressed air driven actuators in combination of multiple sets of pneumatic piston movement and force to beam and the characteristics of the curve track, drive tubular spindle rotation, compressed air disks to each cylinder, changed the direction of gas in and out of position to change the direction of spindle rotation, according to the requirement of the butterfly valve required rotation torque, adjustable cylinder combination number, drive the butterfly valve.

Add a valve positioner to the pneumatic butterfly valve to allow accurate opening adjustment.Intelligent positioner can also be used to connect with the field bus to detect the working state of the pneumatic butterfly valve.

Pneumatic butterfly valve through the work of the pneumatic actuator, can be flexible and fast to realize the switch on and off, can effectively ensure the safety of the pipeline, is a kind of industrial pipeline used more control valve.

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