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What valve is used for steam pipes? Can I use a butterfly valve?

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What valve is used for steam pipes? Can I use a butterfly valve?

What valve is used for steam pipes?

What valve is used for steam pipes? The valve temperature suitable for the steam pipe is less than 425 ° C. Basically, it can be selected: gate valve, globe valve.

Select alloy valves above 400 °C.

The gate valve is mainly used for the main steam valve of the steam pipe, that is, the valve that is not normally switched.

The shut-off valve is mainly used for the valve close to the user, because the valve has a good regulation effect on the flow.

The steam pipe selection valve is mainly based on temperature, pressure, action and installation position.

Can butterfly valves be used on steam pipes?

If it is used in steam pipelines, butterfly valves are not recommended. Because the pressure inside the butterfly valve is large, the switch is difficult to operate, and the sealing surface is easily damaged. Therefore, it cannot be frequently switched, and the performance is not as good as the gate valve.

However, if the pipeline pressure is not very high (below 6.4Mpa), it can also be used. However, because of the high temperature, it is recommended to use a metal hard-sealed butterfly valve. The eccentric butterfly valve of the valve body WCB can be used. The installation should pay attention to the flow direction. Keep it as clean as possible to prevent the welding slag from getting stuck on the sealing surface, which is easy to close.

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