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Choosing a Good Brand of Butterfly Valve Will Save your cost around Usd 71,000.00(final article)

Posted by Bundor valve
The previous article introduced a good butterfly valve`s features such as rubber material、valve body coating and packaging, next we will talk about the features of handle and nameplate.

Handle material
The material of the valve handle. Handle is an important part of the valve, and a good handle can increase the life of the valve and reduce the cost invisibly. For example, the  Bundor handle very delicate, it is made of ductile iron material, which is the handle of the malleable that we often say. The handles of other manufacturers' handle butterfly valves are mostly gray iron stamping handles. Compared with it, the butterfly valve handle of the ductile iron is more resistant to rust and more durable. In addition, the handle of Bundor butterfly valve is designed with a semi-circular grip, without edges and corners, and feels good.

Nameplate material
The material of the nameplate is clear and will not be corroded for a long time, it is convenient for maintenance and technical guidance in future . For example, the Bundor butterfly valve nameplate  is made of 304 stainless steel and laser engraved, the writing is clear and it can last longer. The nameplate are fixed with stainless steel rivets, the connection is sturdy and not easy to fall off, while the common butterfly valve manufactures always use iron signs, marks will fall off once it rusted , thus we can't see it clear or even see.

If manufactures meet the above requirements, you can choose at ease.Except the point, Bubdor Butterfly Valve will have its own ID number, which can be traced back, while common butterfly valve manufactures not. All butterfly valve products produced by Bundor Valve can provide customers with the test report of the factory.

Bundor butterfly valve wiil be covered by China Pacific Insurance with two million dollars, two years warranty pay two back if one bad, any quality problem of the product itself we will pay without conditions.
As a professional valve supplier, the advantages of Bundor brand butterfly valve are far more than the above 10 points. Why choose a good brand butterfly valve? According to the above introduction, are you clear?
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