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Butterfly valve: common water leakage analysis and treatment

Posted by Bundor valve

Q: There is water leakage in the connection between the butterfly valve body and the pipe.
Analysis: This place occurs mostly because the nuts and bolts are not tightened, causing water to leak from its gaps.
A: Only need to be evenly forced to stabilize. The reason for this is that there is vibration in the outside and the nut is loose. There is also a case where the installation is not fixed, that is, it will occur after a period of use.

Q: There is water leakage in the pipe seal
Analysis: The biggest cause is stains or damage, and there is also a damage to the O-ring.
A: If the stain needs to be cleaned and damaged, then the parts need to be replaced.

Q: There are debris on the sealing surface
A: Eliminate impurities and clean the valve cavity

Q: The closing position of the butterfly plate and the sealing surface is not correct.
A: Adjust the adjusting screw of the worm gear or electric actuator to achieve the correct valve closing position.

Q: The flanges on the outlet side are not uniformly loaded or are not required according to Figure 1.
Answer: Check the fitting flange plane and the bolt compression country, and press it evenly.

Q: Leakage on both ends of the butterfly valve
A: It depends on the specific situation. The gaskets on both sides are invalid. It is necessary to replace the gaskets; the pipe flanges are uneven or not tight. Solution: press the flange bolts (even force; The upper and lower sealing gaskets of the sealing ring are invalid. Solution: Remove the pressure ring of the valve and replace the sealing ring and the failed gasket.

Butterfly valve: common water leakage analysis and treatment

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