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Globe valve working principle and pressure test method

Posted by Bundor valve

In the valve project, as long as there is a fluid through, will use the valve, the importance of the valve in the chemical industry is self-evident.Bundor valve teaches you how to test the pressure of common valves and how to use them.

Globe valve

 Globe valve working principle

Globe valve closure principle is, depending on the pressure of the valve bar, so that the valve disc sealing surface and seat sealing surface close, prevent the flow of medium.
Globe valves allow only one - way flow of medium, directional installation.
Its structural length is larger than gate valve, and the fluid resistance is large, and the sealing reliability is not strong in the long run.
Globe valves are divided into three types: straight - through, rectangular and straight - flow oblique globe valves.

Globe action

Globe valves, also known as stop valves, play an important role in cutting and throttling the medium in the pipeline where they are located.
Globe valve is a very widely used valve, it is popular because of the process of opening and closing the friction between the sealing surface is small, more durable, open height is not big, easy to manufacture, easy to maintain, not only for low and medium pressure, but also for high pressure.

Globe valve Pressure testing method

During strength test, the assembled valve is usually placed in the test bench, the disc is opened, the medium is injected to the specified value, the valve body and bonnet are checked for sweat and leakage, or the strength test can be carried out individually.
In the sealing test, the valve stem of the globe valve is in a vertical state, the disc is open, the medium is introduced from the bottom end of the disc to the specified value, check the packing and gasket;
When qualified, close the disc and open the other end for leakage.
If both the strength and tightness of the valve are to be tested, do the strength test first, then lower the pressure to the tightness test specification, check the packing and gasket;
Then close the disc, open the outlet end and check the sealing surface for leakage.