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Butterfly valve working principle and pressure test method

Posted by Bundor valve

Earlier, Bundor valve has written the working principle and pressure test method of globe valve and gate valve. Today, Bundor valve continues to share the working principle and pressure test method of butterfly valve, hoping to help you in the valve industry!

Butterfly valve

Butterfly valve operating principle

Butterfly plate driven by the valve stem, if turned 90°, can complete a opening and closing.The flow of the medium can be controlled by changing the deflection Angle of the butterfly plate.

Butterfly effect

Butterfly valve is suitable for boiler, gas, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, city gas, hot and cold air, chemical smelting and power generation environmental protection, building water supply and drainage engineering system to transport a variety of corrosive, non-corrosive fluid medium pipelines, used for regulating and blocking the flow of medium.

Butterfly valve pressure test method

The strength test for pneumatic butterfly valves is the same as for globe valves.The sealing performance test of the butterfly valve shall be conducted by introducing the test medium into the human end of the medium flow. The butterfly plate shall be opened and closed at the other end. The pressure shall be injected to the specified value.

After checking the packing and other seals for no leakage, close the butterfly plate, open the other end, check the butterfly plate seal for no leakage is qualified.Butterfly valves used for flow regulation may not be tested for sealing performance.