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Can butterfly valves for oil pipeline valves be used?

Posted by Bundor valve
Q: Hello, Is it OK to use butterfly valves for oil pipeline valves? I have a customer who needs to purchase a butterfly valve. The passing medium is petroleum. What kind of butterfly valve should I use and how do I configure and select it?
In addition, the customer's drawing has been given. It is a centerline butterfly valve. The material of the valve body is nodular cast iron. According to this configuration, how should other components be selected?
bundor Valves: Petroleum valves are an important part of petroleum and refining pipelines and play a very important role in petroleum transportation. Petroleum valves in the pipeline play a role of blocking, connecting, adjusting the flow, adjusting the pressure, mixing, separating, and preventing the medium from overpressure. Because petroleum pipelines transport petroleum media, if the oil leaks, it will cause a large area of pollution to the environment, so the selection and configuration of petroleum valves must be careful.
Butterfly valves for petroleum pipelines can be used. According to the customer's drawings, if ductile iron centerline butterfly valves are used, ductile iron valve plates, 420 valve shafts, and nitrile rubber seat can be selected.