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How to see the model of manual butterfly valve? Where is the model number on the butterfly valve?

Posted by Bundor valve
Q:How to see the model of manual butterfly valve? Where is the model number on the butterfly valve? 
A:Bundor valve: The model of manual butterfly valve is generally marked on the valve. After getting a butterfly valve, usually, there are two places to check the model of butterfly valve.
Take the Bundor butterfly valve as an example, as shown below:
The first one is the nameplate on the valve body. The diameter, type, pressure, production date and the identifiable number of the Bundor valve product will be written on it for customers to view.
The second is that each Bundor butterfly valve has a label certificate, which contains the product name, butterfly valve model, nominal diameter, nominal pressure, applicable temperature, applicable medium, inspection standard, factory number, inspection date, factory date, and a Simple butterfly valve installation and maintenance instructions.
The position of butterfly valve model will introduce these to you. If you want to know the compilation method of manual butterfly valve model,if you want to get more information, please contact our customer service.