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Model, size and price of swing check valve

Posted by Bundor valve
Q: What is the model number of swing check valve?
A: The most common swing check valves are flange connected, and the model is H44H, material is steel and stainless steel with pressures ranging from 16 kg to 63 kg.
size parameter information of swing check valve
Basic product parameters:
Product model H44H-16/25/40/63C
Name Cast steel swing check valve
Caliber range DN50-DN500
Nominal pressure PN16/25/40/63
Applicable temperature -46℃~570℃
Applicable medium water、steam、oil etc
Material of valve body WCB
application water, sewage, construction, petroleum, chemical industry, food, medicine, textile, electric power, ship, metallurgy, energy systems
Nominal size PN16~PN40 PN16
50 2'' 230 160 125 100
65 2  1/2'' 290 180 145 120
80 3'' 310 195 160 135
100 4'' 350 215 180 155
125 5'' 400 245 210 185
The dimensions are for reference only. Please contact our online customer service for the details dimensions of swing check valve .
Price of swing check valve
The price of the swing check valve is affected by the material and caliber of the valve.The price of the swing check valve with different materials and diameters is also different.
Our commonly used materials are cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel; caliber DN15-DN500. If you need the price about this product, please contact Bande Valve.