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Knife gate valve manufacturers knife gate valve picture

Posted by Bundor valve

Since there are requirements for quality, so must not blindly greedy cheap, after all, "cheap good goods" this sentence is not empty.The second is to find their own brand manufacturers, brand valve manufacturers can be in the production process of strict quality, more focused on the promotion of brand value.
The manufacturer of knife gate valve recommended for you is bonde valve, a professional manufacturer of high quality valves, with its own brand -- bonde.With nearly 26 years of experience in valve production and sales, we can provide you with quality guaranteed knife gate valve products. 

The structure of knife gate valve is characterized by an oblique cut at the bottom of its valve plate, like the blade, this knife oblique cut can easily cut off the flow of medium in the pipeline, so that the closure of the valve is not blocked by the medium, specific can see the following knife gate valve structure diagram.
We have mentioned above that knife gate valve is used in pulp, mud, slag, coal ash, sewage, chemical raw materials and other media pipeline, knife gate valve is driven by manual, pneumatic, electric, its working principle is very simple.
The working principle of knife gate valve is that the drive device drives the valve stem up and down, and the valve stem with the gate up and down, which realizes the opening and closing of the knife gate valve.
Knife gate valves are also a type of gate valve, similar in use to traditional gate valves, but with many differences, knife gate valves have a smaller structural length.Knife gate valves are more often used in medium pipes with high consistency and containing solid particles.
Although the performance of knife gate valves is better than that of traditional gate valves, knife gate valves cannot completely replace traditional gate valves because their price is higher than traditional gate valves.
The gate, like knife, has a better break effect, can effectively break the pipeline containing various impurities in the medium, completely solve the traditional gate valve in the medium containing impurities, leakage phenomenon.
Knife gate valve is very short in length and occupies little space.The full-size knife gate valve design enables the valve to be used in dirt medium conditions, and the replaceable seat and packing make valve maintenance easier.