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Where should the check valve be installed?

Posted by Bundor valve
Today we will discuss the check valve installation position. So how to determine the installation position of the check valve? What is the difference between the front of the pump and the check valve after the pump, and where is the front of the pump suitable? Check valves are usually used in conjunction with other valves. Where should they be installed when used with other valves?

Check valve, also known as check valve, is an automatic valve. It relies on the pressure of the flowing medium in the pipeline to push the valve flap to close and open the valve. When the medium stops flowing, the check valve flap closes and prevents The backflow of the medium in the pipeline has played a significant role in ensuring the safety of the pipeline.

The check valve is installed to ensure the flow of water inside the pump, so as to ensure the normal operation of the pump. Therefore, the installation position of the check valve can be divided into two cases:

Before one is installed in the pump shaft end of the straw, the purpose is to don't have to take a water to a water pump filling, because the water pump and pump when no water in the suction pumps can only be idling in front of the smoke is not water, so must be full of water in the pump to take out the water, the installation of this water pump is higher than that of liquid level in a way, also known as negative pressure method such as pumping water from Wells.

check valve

The check valve must be installed at the outlet of the pump, in front of the outlet control valve, in order to service the check valve.General pump outlet is the first soft connection (shock absorber), then the check valve, then the block valve (such as butterfly valve, gate valve, globe valve, etc.).