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Difference between handle butterfly valve and worm gear butterfly valve

Posted by Bundor valve
 We found that there are still many customers who are not clear about the handle butterfly valve and worm gear butterfly valve. They don’t know when to use the handle butterfly valve and when to use the worm gear butterfly valve. Today Bundor Valve will make an introduction for you.
Both of handle butterfly valves and worm gear butterfly valves are valves that need to be operated manually by hand, commonly known as manual butterfly valves. However, there are still differences between the two in use. Here we will introduce the difference for you between handle drive butterfly valve and worm gear drive butterfly valve.
 1、 The handle butterfly valve drives valve plate by handle rod directly, so the switch is fast but laborious; the worm gear butterfly valve drives the valve plate through the turbine, so the switch is slow but labor-saving. Therefore, the handle butterfly valve is particularly laborious when the pressure in the tube is large.
2、 The butterfly valve which used in engineering is commonly worm gear butterfly valve, because in addition to saving labor, the sealing of worm gear butterfly valve is also better than handle butterfly valve, especially used in high switching frequency environment, the service life of worm gear butterfly valve is longer than handle butterfly valve.
3、 The port size of handle butterfly valve is generally within DN200, because the torque of this diameter is generally smaller, it can be opened and closed directly by hand, and the worm gear butterfly valve uses gearbox to drive the valve stem to rotate.
4、 The selection principle is using the gear box drive when the valve stem torque is greater than 300N · M .
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