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Representation method and the model code of check valve

Posted by Bundor valve
In this article, we will introduce the representation method of check valve model, and show you the model code of check valve.
Check valve is a collective name, which is divided into many kinds,more common but also more sold by Bundor valve,is butterfly check valve, muffler check valve and swing check valve.
Butterfly check valve model: H77X-6 / 10/16
H represents the check valve; the first number 7 represents the wafer connection; the second number 7 is the unique code of butterfly check valve; X represents the seal of the butterfly check valve is a rubber seal ; the following number is the nominal pressure, the maximum pressure of butterfly check valve is 16KG.
Model of muffle check valve: H41X-6 / 10/16
The model of this check valve, in which the codes H, X and the following nominal pressure number represent the same meaning; the number 4 represents flange connection, and the number 1 represents lifting valve plate, DC channel;
Butterfly check valve and muffler check valve are both soft sealed, which can only be used in low-pressure pipeline, while swing check valve is hard sealed, which is mostly used in medium and high-pressure pipeline.
Model of swing check valve: H44H-16 / 25/40/63

The first H represents the check valve; the first 4 represents the flange connection; the second 4 represents the single disc structure of the swing valve plate; the last H represents the valve sealing surface of Cr13 series stainless steel. The swing check valve of Bundor valve can achieve a maximum pressure of 63kg.
The above is the explanation of several common types of check valve. If you have any obvious questions, please click online customer service on the website for consultation, or leave us a message about what valve you want to know. We will introduce it to you in the future articles.