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Manual butterfly valve installation requirements

Posted by Bundor valve
Manual butterfly valve is widely used in water conservancy projects, municipal construction water, sewage discharge, fire pipeline, is a simple structure, convenient installation, operation of labor saving valve.Manual butterfly valve want to play its role in the pipeline, need to pay attention to the selection of configuration, installation specifications and so on.This article introduces the manual butterfly valve installation requirements for you.
Manual butterfly valve
Manual butterfly valve installation requirements

Before manual butterfly valve installation, do not throw it at will, it should be placed in a cool, dry and ventilated environment, and to cover the valve, to avoid dust and other debris, affect the later use.

Before installing the pipe, check the pipe first. The pipe positions at both ends should be the same and there should be no deviation.

In addition to the pipeline calibration, there is also a preparatory work before installation, that is to install the manual butterfly valve and its pipeline cleaning, to ensure the valve and pipeline internal cleaning, otherwise it will affect the sealing effect of the valve.

Manual butterfly valve requires frequent manual operation.So manual butterfly valve installation location is also very exquisite, valve installation location must be convenient for personnel operation and maintenance in the future, it is demonstrated that the best location of manual valve installation is operating floor 1.2 meters or so.For valves installed outdoors, cover the valve with some covering to prevent adverse weather from affecting the valve.

During installation, the butterfly plate of manual butterfly valve must be in the closed state to avoid collision and damage between the butterfly plate and the pipe flange, affecting the sealing performance.

6. After the installation, to carry out debugging, if in the use of the process, manual butterfly valve opening and closing fault, to find out the cause, to eliminate the fault, not by knocking, pry or brute force method forced opening and closing.