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Check valve function and installation precautions

Posted by Bundor valve
Check valve
Check valve function

Check valve is mainly used in the water pump water supply system, the role is to prevent high pressure water backflow on the pump impeller impact.When the water pump in the pump water supply system suddenly stops running, the pressure in the pump disappears instantly, and the high-pressure water connected with the pump outlet will flow back to the pump.The check valve installed at the outlet of the pump will immediately close without medium pressure to prevent the reverse flow of high-pressure water back to the pump.

If no check valve is installed at the pump outlet, the high-pressure water flows back to the pump and the pump impeller reverses under the impact of the high-pressure water.Impellers under the impact of high pressure water, the situation may be serious impeller or other parts loose or damaged.And when the pump runs again, loose or damaged impeller can also fly out, bringing huge safety risks to the production work.

In a hot water system, check valves are used to prevent hot water from flowing back into the line. If no check valve is installed, hot water flowing back into the line may burn the line or even injure people.

Check valve Installation precautions

1.Check valve is a one-way valve, so the installation position, height, inlet and outlet direction must meet the design requirements, the direction of medium flow should be consistent with the direction of the arrow marked by the valve body. 

2.Do not allow stop-return valves to bear weight in the line, especially large check valves, which should be independently supported and not affected by the pressure generated in the line.