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Where is the ball valve used? Why is usage skyrocketing?

Posted by Bundor valve
Ball valve has developed into a major valve in the past 50 years from its inception to the present.Why can ball valves have such a rapid increase in usage?Bundor Valve has 25 years of valve industry experience to explain this problem for you!
In the end, it is because the ball valve has a wide range of uses.The ball valve is mainly used to cut, distribute and change the flow direction of the medium in the pipeline. It only needs to be rotated by 90 degrees and can be closed tightly with a small torque.
Ball valves are also suitable for piping systems with light construction, low pressure cut-off (small differential pressure), and corrosive media.
Ball valves can also be used in low temperature (cryogenic) installations and piping systems.
In the oxygen piping system of the metallurgical industry, strictly degreased ball valves can be used.
When oil pipelines and gas pipelines need to be buried underground, full-diameter welded ball valves are required. When adjusting performance is required, a ball valve with a special structure with a V-shaped opening should be selected.
In petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, power, and urban construction, metal-to-metal sealed ball valves can be used for piping systems operating at temperatures above 200 degrees.

Bundor Valve warmly reminds you: When choosing the structure and performance of ball valves, we must consider the fire resistance and fire resistance of ball valves, especially in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy and other departments, and use in flammable and explosive medium equipment and piping systems Ball valves should pay more attention to fire resistance and fire prevention.
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