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How are butterfly valve operated and maintained

Posted by Bundor valve
Butterfly valve is a kind of valve, is the control part of the fluid delivery system, with the function of cutting off and regulating the fluid flow in the pipeline system.Butterfly valve is one of the most widely used valves, can be used to control the flow of air, water, steam, a variety of corrosive media, mud, oil and other types of fluid.It is widely used not only in oil, gas, chemical industry, water treatment and other general industries, but also in municipal construction, water conservancy projects, and even the cooling water system of thermal power stations.How to operate and maintain butterfly valve?
butterfly valve
1, butterfly valve in the process of work, need to periodically fully open and closed operation, keep the valve parts of the flexible lubrication, to avoid rust death phenomenon.

2, close the butterfly valve, if the close is not strict, you can first fully open the butterfly valve again, using the pressure of the fluid in the pipeline to remove the impurities in the inner wall of the valve body, then again close the valve.

3, Filter the impurities in the pipeline as far as possible, so as to avoid squeezing the sealing surface when the butterfly valve is closed, causing the valve to be unable to close completely and causing leakage and potential safety hazard.

4, The butterfly plate opening state of the butterfly valve should be greater than 15°, because if the butterfly valve is in a state with a large throttling range, the back of the butterfly plate is prone to cavitation, and the valve is at risk of damage.

5, When the butterfly valve is in the middle opening degree, the operating mechanism needs to self-lock.

6, to prevent the butterfly valve mechanical damage, do not let the air in the precipitate, chemical substances, moist gas and other substances on the valve corrosion, affect the quality of the valve.

7, butterfly valve threads, bearings, gears and other working interface parts to regular lubrication.