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What is the difference in function between gate valve and butterfly valve?

Posted by Bundor valve
Gate valve and butterfly valve are two different types of valves. It is often unclear whether a butterfly valve or a gate valve should be selected.The butterfly valve and the gate valve are the main products produced by the Bundor Valve factory. Bundor Valve has rich experience in valve industry. Next, the Bundor Valve will connect you with the characteristics and uses of the gate valve and the butterfly valve.
Butterfly features:
1. Simple structure, light weight, the smallest installation size among all valve types, saving space, and quick opening and closing are suitable for making large diameter valves.
2. Due to the simple structure, the sealing performance of the butterfly valve is slightly poor, and it is mostly used for low-pressure pipelines.
Butterfly valve main purposes:
It is suitable for transporting water, air, gas and other mediums with a temperature of less than 80 ° C and a pressure of less than 1.6mpa.
butterfly valve,gate valve
Gate valve features:
1. Good sealing performance, small flow resistance and high temperature resistance. The valve opening can be judged according to the height of the valve stem, and it can convey suspended particles and media with large viscosity.
2. The structure is complicated, the installation size is large, the sealing surface is easy to wear, and it is easy to freeze and crack in the winter when outdoor installation. It is laborious to open when the pressure difference between the two sides of the gate is high, which is not suitable for frequent opening and closing.
Gate valve main purposes:
It is suitable for occasions with large caliber pipelines that transport fluids such as air, steam, water, solvents, etc., with high shut-off requirements and infrequent opening and closing.
The above is the introduction of butterfly valve and gate valve of Bundor Valve. You can search Bundor Valve official website to learn more!