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What are the general principles for gate valve installation?

Posted by Bundor valve
What are the general principles for gate valve installation? From 25 years of experience in the valve industry of Bundor Valve, in general, the installation position of the gate valve should comply with the following 5 different standards.
1. In order to conveniently open and close the valve, the gate can not be equipped in the place where the hand cannot touch. All valves should be fitted with a manual power switch to avoid problematic parts.
2. Do not install the gate valve in any part that will actually operate the gate valve in an unsafe posture or in areas where there is a risk. It should be installed in a position that can be operated in a safe posture.
3. Since the gate valve is very easy to become a roadblock for hitting heads and kicks, it is absolutely necessary to operate the gate valve and power switch in critical safety passages, inspection safety passages, and areas where there is a risk of collision or falling. No gate valve can be installed. The gate valve should be installed in a position that does not hinder the operation of the operator.
4. For devices with barometers and steam flowmeters that show adjustment status, normally the gate valve should be set at a place where the barometers and steam flowmeters can be seen, so that the actual operating staff can conveniently and practically check and confirm Operate the gate valve. If it is not easy to see the marked result from the area where the gate valve is actually operated, the gate valve cannot be opened and closed quickly, which is very troublesome.
5. The gate valve installed in front of the steam flow meter must have a certain distance from the steam flow meter. A bias flow outside the tube at the measuring point of the steam flow meter will jeopardize the feasibility of the steam flow meter. Therefore, installing gate valves at the front, rear, left and right sides of the steam flow meter will easily cause a hydrodynamic bias flow.
The above are the 5 problems that should be paid attention to when installing the gate valve. Bundor Valve has rich experience in the production of high-quality valves. If you have procurement requirements for gate valves, butterfly valves and other valves, you may wish to know Bundor Valve ! You will get warm and comfortable service and quality assured products!