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How to choose the water supply pipeline valve

Posted by Bundor valve
Q: is butterfly valve or gate valve used in the water supply pipeline?
BUNDOR VALVE: Selection principle of water supply network:
water supply pipeline valve
1.In the water supply network, in order to reduce the depth of pipe covering, butterfly valve is selected for pipes with larger diameter.

2.If it has little effect on the depth of overburden, try to choose gate valve.

3.In terms of service, the failure rate of butterfly valve is higher than that of gate valve.Therefore, when conditions permit, try to choose gate valve in the water supply network.

Disadvantages of butterfly valve and gate valve in water supply network:

Butterfly valve: butterfly plate occupies a certain water cross section, increase a certain head loss.

Gate valve: the height of the large-caliber vertical gate valve affects the depth of the pipe covering, while the length of the large-caliber horizontal gate valve increases the horizontal area occupied by the pipeline, affecting the arrangement of other pipelines.