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Where can butterfly valves be used

Posted by Bundor valve
As a professional manufacturer of high-quality butterfly valves, Bundor Valve has 25 years of experience in the valve industry.We will introduce to you where butterfly valves are often used.
Butterfly valves have a wide range of applications. In general, the suitable medium for butterfly valves is various water fluids, including domestic water, fire fighting water, circulating water, and sewage. Some powder materials can also use butterfly valves.
Butterfly valve has two very obvious characteristics: large diameter and low pressure difference.
Compared with other types of valves, under the premise of the same size, the butterfly valve is lighter in weight, smaller in size, and the simplest in structure, and this advantage will become more and more obvious as the diameter increases. The cost of using butterfly valves is relatively low.The butterfly valve's pressure-bearing capacity is poor. The greater the pressure in the working conditions, the greater the damage to the sealing surface of the butterfly valve, and the technical requirements and manufacturing costs of the butterfly valve will also increase significantly.

Butterfly valves are usually used to control the flow on large-diameter pipes, and gate valves, globe valves or ball valves are not suitable.
However, in small diameter pipelines, butterfly valves are rarely used for flow adjustment. One is because they are not easy to adjust. The other is because the sealing performance of butterfly valves is inferior to that of globe valves and ball valves. Gate valves cannot be used for flow adjustment .
Small-caliber butterfly valves are generally used on pipes that pass through water, such as water supply and drainage, circulating water, fire fighting water, etc. In addition, butterfly valves are often used in places where the tightness requirements are not particularly high and the frequency of opening and closing is not particularly frequent.
The role of butterfly valve is very large, it has become an indispensable control part in our daily production work. If you have purchasing requirements for butterfly valve products, please contact Bundor Valve for more information. Bundor Valve has 25 years of experience in the valve industry and is trustworthy.