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For butterfly valve or gate valve, which is better?

Posted by Bundor valve
First of all, the gate valve belongs to the straight stroke valve, that is, the valve stem drives the disc to move vertically up and down to complete the opening and closing action. Therefore, the flow resistance of gate valve is small, but its opening height is high, so the opening and closing speed is slow. The butterfly valve belongs to the angle stroke valve, that is, the disc of the butterfly valve rotates 90 ° around the valve axis to complete the opening and closing action. Therefore, the opening height of butterfly valve is only one quarter of the channel diameter, so it can be opened and closed quickly.
According to the function and use of butterfly valve and gate valve, the gate valve has small flow resistance and good sealing performance. Because the flow direction of gate valve plate and medium is vertical angle, if the gate valve is not opened and closed in place, the flushing of medium will makes the valve plate vibrate, which is easy to damage the gate valve seal. Therefore, it is mainly used for the pipeline that requires strict sealing and does not need frequent opening and closing to be used for cut off the medium, and is not suitable for regulating the medium parameters of pipelines. Because the speed of opening and closing is slow, it is also not suitable for the occasion of emergency cut-off. Gate valve has a wide range of working conditions, which can be used in high temperature, low temperature, high pressure, low pressure and other working conditions. It has a long service life in the cut-off situation.
butterfly valve,gate valve
Butterfly valve not only has the function of cut-off, but also has the function of adjustment. The butterfly valve can be opened and closed quickly and frequently, which is especially suitable for the occasion requiring quick opening or cutting off. Compared with the gate valve, the butterfly valve has the advantages of small size, light weight and low price. In some cases where the installation space is limited, so the wafer type butterfly valve can be selected to save more space. Therefore, it can be made into a large caliber butterfly valve with a diameter of DN300 or above.
Butterfly valve can also be used for conveying medium pipes containing small particles. But the pressure and temperature range of butterfly valve is small, and its sealing performance is not as good as that of gate valve. The price with the same caliber of butterfly valve is much lower than that of the gate valve. In many cases, butterfly valve gradually replaces other types of valves and becomes the first choice of users.
For butterfly valve or gate valve, which is better? The difference between butterfly valve and gate valve is that the gate valve has no regulating function, while butterfly valve has. If you need to purchase butterfly valve or gate valve products, you can contact online customer service for inquiry.