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Where is the check valve installed

Posted by Bundor valve
Where is the check valve installed?Check valve is also called the reverse check valve, which is installed in the pipeline to prevent the medium in the pipeline under special circumstances, backflow, accident.Check valve plays a very important role in ensuring pipeline safety and is an indispensable valve in pipeline.
check valve
For the check valve installation position, it is usually installed in front of the control valve so that if the check valve fails or does not operate properly, the check valve can be isolated and repaired without affecting the normal operation of other control valves.If the check valve is installed behind the control valve, when the check valve is damaged or does not work properly, the control valve needs to be closed to repair, the process will be very troublesome, not only consumes more manpower and resources, but also increases the maintenance cost.

If the pipeline is a gas medium, the check valve should be installed at the pump inlet, because most of the gas is a ball lift, in order to prevent the installation in the export resistance, should be sealed ball jacked up and then sealed.

Swing check valves usually need to be installed in the horizontal direction to facilitate their operation in the pipe, but if we choose to install them in the vertical direction, the direction of the flow of media must be from the top down.

Lift check valves come in two forms, one straight through and one vertical.These two types of check valves are installed in different positions, straight through needs to be installed in the horizontal position, vertical needs to be installed in the vertical direction, in order to play their maximum role.