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What is anti condensation butterfly valve?

Posted by Bundor valve
Anti condensation butterfly valve generally adopts aluminum alloy valve body and lightweight driving device. Aluminum alloy valve body has strong corrosion resistance, light weight and easy installation. The spherical structure is adopted around the disc to reduce the friction moment with the valve seat. The disc and valve shaft are made of stainless steel, which can not only increase the anti rust ability, but also reduce the heat conduction and prevent the driving device from too low temperature. The shell of the driving device is made of aluminum alloy, which is light in weight and fast in heat dissipation, and is conducive to moisture emission. The adoption of vulcanized rubber seat and steel long neck structure reduces the heat conduction much further.

So why should anti condensation butterfly valve be made of aluminum alloy? Anti condensation butterfly valve, with ultra light aluminum alloy valve body, small torque, easy to use and install, is suitable for air conditioning, industrial water treatment equipment, with strong anti condensation function. Using aluminum alloy to die-casting the valve body can effectively prevent corrosion.

The outer surface of anti condensation butterfly valve adopts anti condensation coating, which can increased the hydrophilicity and facilitated the diffusion of moisture. At the same time, the surface of the coating has a grid like fine structure, which increases the surface area and is conducive to the moisture emission.

Price of anti condensation butterfly valve

As for the price of anti condensation butterfly valve, there are many factors affecting the price of butterfly valve. If you want to know the price of anti condensation butterfly valve, you need to tell the supplier the specific parameter information of the corresponding valve, including the valve size, pressure, valve material, etc. Please call Bundor valve to get the price, our business personnel will provide you with a quotation as soon as possible.

Anti condensation butterfly valve manufacturer

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