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Introduction of pneumatic butterfly valve manufacturer

Posted by Bundor valve

Pneumatic butterfly valve is a kind of universal valve which is widely used. Now it has been applied to many fields, such as water conservancy, irrigation, chemical industry, paper making, coal mine, petroleum, medical treatment and so on.

The reason why the pneumatic butterfly valve is so widely used is that its structure is simple, easy to maintain, and the switch is fast, which can not only improve the working efficiency, but also reduce the maintenance time. And according to the requirements of customers, we can choose different materials of sealing rings and parts, to suitable for different media and working conditions, so that the pneumatic butterfly valve can achieve great use effect.

The pneumatic butterfly valve uses compressed air as the power source to drive the valve stem and control the disc-shaped butterfly plate to rotate around the axis. The initial position of the valve is determined according to the actual demand. When the valve rotates 90 ° from the initial position, it is the end of one action (from opening to closing, or from closing to opening), otherwise it is the end of another action (from closing to opening, or from opening to closing).
pneumatic butterfly valve manufacturer

The pneumatic butterfly valve has a relatively fast execution speed, which is not easy to be damaged due to jamming in the process of operation, and does not require the workers to do it by themselves. It can not only be used as a block valve, but also be equipped with a valve positioned to achieve the function of regulating and controlling the pipeline medium. Pneumatic butterfly valve actuator is divided into single action and double action forms, double action is ventilation on or off! The single acting actuator has the function of spring return, which can be automatically closed or opened in case of air and power failure, with high safety factor!

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There are many application fields of pneumatic butterfly valve, especially in some dangerous conditions, we pay more attention to safety issues. This puts forward a high standard for the quality of pneumatic butterfly valve and a high requirement for the manufacturers of pneumatic butterfly valve.

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