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Which check valve is of good quality

Posted by Bundor valve
Which check valve is of good quality?The quality of check valves affect the normal operation of the pipeline, on the market check valve quality is uneven, to find a reliable manufacturer to choose high-quality check valve products, so want to better quality check valves, the choice of valve manufacturers is the key.
check valve
In addition, we are in the selection of check valves, pay attention to quality is a condition, but also pay attention to the correct selection of the correct check valve in the right working conditions.

The following is to introduce the selection of check valve under different nominal diameters and pressure conditions:

Vertical lifting check valve and straight-through lifting check valve can be used in high and high pressure conditions with caliber DN≤50.Under low pressure condition, butterfly check valve, vertical lifting check valve, diaphragm check valve can be used.

Caliber 50 < DN < 600, medium and high pressure condition, using swing check valve.

Caliber 200 < DN < 1200, medium and low pressure working condition, use no wear ball check valve.

Caliber 50 < DN < 2000, low pressure working condition, use butterfly check valve, diaphragm check valve.