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Pneumatic butterfly valve operating principle

Posted by Bundor valve
The pneumatic butterfly valve industry produces a control part on the pipeline, it belongs to the automatic control of the valve, no manual operation, so this type of valve is usually used in the environment is not suitable for manual operation.Pneumatic butterfly valve is also very widely used in petroleum, chemical, power, metallurgy and other industries are used.
pneumatic butterfly
Pneumatic butterfly valve principle

By pneumatic butterfly valve positioner, solenoid valve, such as equipment, to absorb the gas drying, lubrication, and then to deliver these gases to pneumatic actuator cylinder body, form a pneumatic actuators work of gas source, when the air inside the cylinder block incoming actuator air chamber, air pressure on the piston, the thrust output shaft rotates to drive the stem and disc rotating at the same time, thus accomplishes the a butterfly valve opening and closing action.Add a valve positioner to the pneumatic butterfly valve, can also achieve the butterfly valve accurate opening adjustment.In addition, the intelligent positioner can be used to connect with the field bus, so as to detect the working state of the pneumatic butterfly valve, and provide diagnosis.

Pneumatic butterfly valve maintenance

Cylinder maintenance: for pneumatic butterfly valve pneumatic device in the cylinder, to do regular cleaning, regular cylinder rotating shaft spring out of the oil.Nearly every half a year to open the end cover of the cylinder, the cylinder for inspection, inspection items including whether there is debris in the cylinder, whether there is water, grease state.If the grease is found to be missing, disassemble the cylinder, do a thorough cleaning, and then add the grease.

Body maintenance: check the valve body of pneumatic butterfly valve every other period, a period of positioning for about 6 months.Inspection and maintenance of the valve body includes: valve body appearance is good, and the pipe connection flange end is leaking, the sealing performance of the valve sealing surface is good, there is no wear phenomenon, disc rotation is not flexible, there is no foreign body stuck valve.Once any problem is found, repair and replace it.