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Which working conditions are suitable for using butterfly valve?

Posted by Bundor valve
Butterfly valve refers to a valve whose closing part (valve or butterfly plate) is a disc, which rotates around the valve axis to achieve opening and closing, and mainly plays a role of cutting off and throttling on the pipeline. Bundor Valve has been engaged in valve production and sales for more than 20 years, and has rich experience in the valve industry.
Now Bundor introduces you to the selection principles of the butterfly valve:
1. Because the butterfly valve has a relatively large pressure loss compared to the gate valve, it is suitable for pipeline systems with less strict pressure loss requirements;
2. Since the butterfly valve can be adjusted by flow rate, it is suitable to be selected in the pipeline that needs flow adjustment;
butterfly valve
3. Due to the limitations of butterfly valve structure and sealing materials, it is not suitable for high temperature and high pressure piping systems. The general working temperature is below 300 ℃ and the nominal pressure is below PN40;
4. Because the structure length of the butterfly valve is relatively short, and it can be made into a large diameter, the butterfly valve should be used in the case where the structure length requires a short or large diameter valve (such as DN1000 or more);
5. Since the butterfly valve can be opened or closed only by rotating 90 °, the butterfly valve should be used when the opening and closing requirements are fast.
In addition, the applicable working conditions of different butterfly valves are also different.
Two-position adjustment, narrowing channel, low noise, cavitation and gasification, a small amount of leakage into the atmosphere, and abrasive media. In these cases, the butterfly valve can be used.
Throttle adjustment under special working conditions, or strict sealing requirements, or severe wear, low temperature (cryogenic) and other working conditions when using the butterfly valve, you need to use specially designed metal seal with three or two eccentric butterfly valve adjustment device.
The midline butterfly valve is suitable for fresh water, sewage, sea water, salt water, salt water, steam, natural gas, food, medicine, oil and various kinds of fresh water, sewage, sea water, salt water, steam, natural gas, food, medicine, oil, etc. Acid and alkali and other pipelines.
The soft seal eccentric butterfly valve is suitable for bidirectional opening and closing and adjustment of the ventilation and dust removal pipeline, and is widely used in gas pipelines and water channels in metallurgy, light industry, electric power, and petrochemical systems.
The metal-to-metal face seal double eccentric butterfly valve is suitable for urban heating, steam supply, water supply and gas, oil, acid and alkali pipelines, and is used as a regulating and shut-off device.
In addition to being used as a large-scale pressure swing adsorption (PSA) gas separation device program control valve, the metal-to-metal face seal triple-eccentric butterfly valve can also be widely used in petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, metallurgy, electric power and other fields, such as gate valves and globe valves. It is a good substitute for gate valves and globe valves.
Finally, Bundor Valve also reminds you that because the pressure loss of the butterfly valve in the pipeline is relatively large, about three times that of the gate valve, so when selecting the butterfly valve, the pipeline system should be fully considered by the pressure loss, and should also be considered the rigidity of the butterfly valve’s plate under the pressure of the pipeline medium when closed. In addition, the working temperature limit of the elastic seat material at high temperatures must also be considered.
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