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What are the types of butterfly valves

Posted by Bundor valve

Centre-pivoted butterfly valve

The centre-pivoted butterfly valve is widely used in the small caliber butterfly valve in China, and the effect is also good. There are two major differences in manufacturing methods: one is that there is a support frame behind the rubber coated of the valve body (represented by Tanggu products); the other is that there is no support frame behind the rubber coated of the valve body (represented by Zhengzhou products). The former has less rubber coated.

Comparison of vertical butterfly valves and horizontal butterfly valves

In medium and large butterfly valves, there is a difference between vertical and horizontal valve shafts. Generally, the vertical butterfly valve is covered with deep soil, and the sundries in the water are easy to wrap around the shaft end, so that it is affecting the opening and closing. The transmission box of horizontal butterfly valve is on the side, and the valve shaft occupies a wide plane position on the road, so that it is affecting the arrangement of other pipelines. Therefore, the medium- diameter centre-pivoted butterfly valves are mostly vertical type, and the large-diameter butterfly valves should be horizontal type under the condition that the plane position is allowed. Whether vertical or horizontal, measures should be taken for valve opening and closing indexes so as to be observed from the ground.
butterfly valve
The closing seal of the centre-pivoted butterfly valve is essentially an extrusion seal of the rubber coated, especially near the valve shaft, it is greatly squeezed. In this way, the service life of the valve will be affected, and the opening and closing torque of the valve is too large. In order to alleviate these shortcomings, single eccentric, double eccentric and triple eccentric butterfly valves are designed. The theoretical sealing state of the three eccentric butterfly valve is a contact sealing state. Many manufacturers have carried out research and development in this field. The products of Bundorvalve are processed by computer-controlled machine tools, and the products have already reached the technical requirements in this field.
Eccentric butterfly valve has directionality in bearing water pressure, especially, the reverse pressure bearing capacity of triple eccentric butterfly valve is weak. Since the pipe network is annular, the requirements for two-way pressure bearing of valves are the same, so this requirement should be emphasized when ordering.
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