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What is motorized butterfly valve

Posted by Bundor valve
 Motorized butterfly valve is the butterfly valve installed an electric actuator, and controls the selection of disc and achieves the purpose of controlling the switch of butterfly valve.

With the acceleration of industrialization process, more and more factories have gathered requirements for butterfly valves, and butterfly valves can be used more and more widely. And with automatic control used increasingly for factories, people hope that butterfly valve can work automatically without manual operation. Therefore, the electric actuator has been developed. The electric actuator can control the mechanical movement of the butterfly valve through the automatic control system, which saves more manpower and material resources. In addition, to use motorized butterfly valve can also enhance the safety of production, and even play a role in environmental protection. In some dangerous situations, the automatic motorized butterfly valve can reduce the harm of this kind of working environment to people.
Motorized Butterfly Valve,Electric Butterfly Valve
The working principle of the motorized butterfly valve is to control the valve switch through the power signal. The working power of the motorized butterfly valve is AC220V, AC380V, DC24V, and the input signal is 4-20mA 0-10V. When the power supply is connected, input 220V voltage, the electric actuator starts to work, input control signal and one-way power supply can control the system operation. It can also receive 4-20mA signal to control the opening degree of the valve very precisely, and then realize the control and adjustment of medium flow, pressure and other parameters.
The motorized butterfly valve starts to work through electric power, and the electric actuator drives the valve rod of the butterfly valve to rotate. When the disc is connected with the valve rod, it will rotate around the valve rod, so as to fully open and close the butterfly valve, and control or adjust the medium flow in the pipeline.
Motorized butterfly valve, like other butterfly valve products, also has many classifications. According to the difference of connection mode, there are motorized wafer butterfly valve and motorized flange butterfly valve; according to the difference of sealing surface material, there are motorized soft sealing butterfly valve and motorized hard sealing butterfly valve. According to the difference of control form of electric drive device, there are switch type motorized butterfly valve and regulating type motorized butterfly valve.
All above is the introduction of what is the electric butterfly valve. The motorized butterfly valve is an automatic valve, so the price will be higher than the general valve. If you want to know the price of motorized butterfly valve, you are welcome to inquire on the official website of Bundor valve.