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Iron gate valve price

Posted by Bundor valve
Iron gate valve
Cast iron gate valve is a gate valve made of cast iron.Commonly used cast iron has gray cast iron and ductile iron two kinds.

Gray iron gate valve is also called gray iron gate valve, is currently using a lot of gate valve products, gray iron material has a strong casting performance, wear resistance and cutting performance;However, the disadvantage is that the strength and toughness are lower than other cast iron materials.Gray cast iron gate valves are usually hard sealed, with the disc and seat surfacing in bronze to increase valve tightness and wear resistance.

Ductile iron gate valves referred to as nodular iron gate valves, its range of use and number of only gray cast iron gate valves.The ductile iron used for body material is a kind of high strength cast iron material, high strength, and has very good toughness, wear resistance, comprehensive performance close to the rigid material.Ductile iron gate valves usually use a soft seal, the gate with high-quality rubber material for the whole package, so that when the valve closed, gate and seat sealing surface can be more and more tight, sealing performance than hard sealed gate valves.

In addition, ductile iron is lighter than gray iron.Thus, for iron gate valve price, ductile iron gate valve price will be higher than that of gray iron, gray iron gate valve is the cheapest gate valve products.Ductile iron gate valve and gray cast iron gate valve are the main gate valve products independently developed and produced by bande valve. For the specific price of cast iron gate valve, you can click on the official website of Bundor valve to contact us for inquiry.

Cast iron gate valve brand

Gate valve is one of the commonly used valves in pipeline system. Its sealing performance is related to the normal operation of pipeline system.And want to seal the performance of the guarantee, the need for brand quality excellent gate valve products.Iron gate valve brand for you to recommend Bundor valve.Bundor valve, started in 1994, over the years, the continuous development and progress, its flagship butterfly valve and gate valve products have been the trust and support of many customers.