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Soft seal gate valve price

Posted by Bundor valve
soft seal gate valve
What are the price factors of soft seal gate valve?
The valve body material
Soft seal gate valve body material is usually made of ductile iron, but the price of different manufacturers is still different, this is mainly because of the ductile iron spheroidization rate is different, that is to say, the same ductile iron, quality is good or bad, the price of course there is a difference.But the quality of the valve body affects the service life of the valve, even the production safety.The soft seal gate valve produced by bande valve, the valve body adopts the ductile iron material superior to the national standard for precision casting, which is not easy to crack and freeze crack;It will not break due to transportation, collision and installation.
Structure form
Soft seal gate valve is also clear rod and dark rod, the same caliber size, rising rod and dark rod soft seal gate valve price is also different, the appearance of the rising rod is much higher than the dark rod, with more materials, so the price will be slightly higher.However, under normal circumstances, open stem and dark stem soft sealing gate valves are used in different working conditions, open stem gate valves are more used for outdoor, dark stem is more often used in indoor confined space.
In addition to the above two factors, the influence of the price of the soft seal gate valve also includes the valve body spraying process differences, the rubber quality difference of the valve plate packaging and so on.Soft seal gate valve price can consult the Bundor valve customer service.