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What is gate valve

Posted by Bundor valve
 Gate valve is one of the important pipe fittings in the transmission of fluid medium. Gate valve is mainly used to cut off the medium. It can only be fully opened or fully closed, and cannot be used to regulate the flow. Its opening and closing parts are ram, and the movement direction of ram is perpendicular to the fluid direction. The gate valve has two sealing surfaces. When the gate valve is closed, it can only rely on the medium pressure to press the sealing surface of the gate valve to the valve seat on the other side to achieve sealing, that is, self sealing. Most gate valves are forced to seal, that is, when the valve is closed, it needs to rely on the external force of the medium to force the gate against the valve seat to ensure the sealing of the sealing surface.

Gate valve is widely used in petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, water conservancy, urban construction, fire control, coal and other industries. Gate valve is also a valve with distinct advantages and disadvantages.

1. The sealing surface of the gate valve is very easy to wear, which affects the service life of the valve, and the maintenance is more difficult.
2. The structure of gate valve is complex, and it is also difficult to process, especially the sealing surface on the gate seat is not easy to process, and there are many parts of gate valve, so the price is more expensive.
3. The external dimension is large, so it needs a certain space for opening and closing, and the opening and closing time is long.

Precautions for installation and use of gate valve:

1. Hand wheel, handle and transmission mechanism are not allowed to be used for lifting, and collision is strictly prohibited.

2. The double disc gate valve should be installed vertically, that is, the hand wheel should be installed upward.

3. The gate valve with bypass valve should be opened bypass valve before opening the valve to balance the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet.

4. The gate valve with transmission mechanism should be installed in strict accordance with the provisions of the product manual.

5. If the gate valve is opened and closed frequently, lubricate it at least once a month.

6. Gate valves are not suitable for regulation or throttling.