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Air conditioning system valves have what

Posted by Bundor valve
Air conditioning system valves can generally be divided into three categories: closed valve, regulating valve and arson valve.

Closed valve: play the role of a switch, the requirements of small resistance when fully open, fully closed when the airtight performance is good.Such as: fresh air closed valve and exhaust air closed valve.
Air conditioning valves,butterfly valve
Control valve: in the system mainly plays the role of operation regulation, often installed in the system of the return duct.According to the characteristics of the implementation, and can be divided into regular regulator valve and one-time regulator valve two.Often regulating valve is common to open and multi - leaf valve and parallel multi - leaf valve;The one-time regulating valve is mainly used for the system and each branch each pipe section to reach the design air volume to adjust, this valve mainly plays the role of increasing resistance, and the position of the valve before and after the adjustment is generally changed.

Commonly used one-time adjustment valves mainly include: butterfly valve -- installed on the return branch of the smaller duct;Three-way regulating valve -- mainly used to adjust the air volume ratio of two branch pipes, usually installed on the return air pipeline and exhaust air pipeline;Multi-blade valve (parallel and folio);The flashboard valve, etc.

Fire valve: automatically close in case of fire to cut off the air duct access.The principle is to use the weight of the valve plate itself to close, the valve plate is generally eccentric, the heavy end of the steel wire to pull up, steel wire is installed on the fusible gold sheet, to keep the valve open, when the air temperature exceeds the set temperature, the alloy sheet fuse, the valve automatically closed.At the same time, the arson valve can be connected to the signal alarm device, timely alarm.

In addition, according to the purpose and function of the air conditioning system valves can also be divided into block valves and regulating valves.

Block valve: mainly used to cut off or connect media flow, including gate valve, globe valve, diaphragm valve, ball valve, cock valve, disc valve, plunger valve, ball plug valve, instrument needle valve, etc.

Regulating valve: it is mainly used to regulate the flow and pressure of the medium, including regulating valve, throttle valve, pressure reducing valve, etc.

Check valves: used to prevent backflow of media. Includes check valves of various configurations.

Shunt valve: used for separation, distribution or mixing of media. Including various structures of distribution valve and trap, etc.

Safety valve: safety protection when medium overpressure. Includes various types of safety valves.